Where Therapists Fall Short

Before I go into what I’m about to say, let me preface this by saying; not all therapists are like this.

It’s a little presumptuous to lump ALL therapists into a specific category. Same goes with a lot of other healing professions; doctors, spiritual teachers, chiropractors, nutritionists, life coaches, etc. 

This is why I’m in the business of intuitive healing; feeling into what healing modality feels best to you. You know the truth by how it feels. 

I’ve been in therapy on and off my whole life. 

My first experience was when I was 16 years old and my mother discovered I was self-mutilating. She dragged me to a therapist. I don’t even remember the questions she asked me, but she really had no fighting chance. I do remember how she and my mother made me feel; like something was VERY wrong with me. 

I didn’t revisit a therapist again until my early 20’s. This time it was by my own free will. Something was missing from my life and I had no idea what it was. 

I couldn’t find passion in anything. I couldn’t really keep a job. I couldn’t keep a relationship. I was drinking all of the time. In between drinking binges I felt apathetic, bored with life, depressed, anxious, self-loathing, confused, and really, really lost.

Nothing really excited me and I just moved through the motions of life. College, making money, having boyfriends, you know, everything you’re supposed to be doing. 

As I sat down with this first therapist, I told her my anxiety was through the roof. So through the roof, my eyelashes were falling out, as well as huge quarter-sized chunks of hair on my head. I even freshly came out of the emergency room. I had threw out my back from stress and anxiety. I was working three waitressing jobs and going to school full-time. I survived on coffee and restaurant food, often eating my meals standing up and within 5 minutes so I didn’t neglect the tables I had.

After spilling my guts to the therapist, she said, “just stop being so rigid and hard on yourself.”

Sure, I’ll get right on that.

It’s really easy to tell people to stop doing something harmful to themselves, or rather, get over themselves. But the truth is, the behavior doesn’t change unless the WHY of the behavior is discovered. I always tell my clients, the self-awareness of the WHY is half the battle. The other half is taking action.

The most prominent thing that stood out about my second therapist was, that he was SUPER into Jesus. 

Jesus is cool and all, and one of the ascended masters, but he was not going to fix my issues. He did not excite me. I found his Jesus stories to be a little patronizing to be honest. I just could not relate, being an atheist and all, and I eventually stopped going. Nice guy though!

What I realized these three had in common, was that they were very cerebral. I also call it “heady”. They were constantly trying to diagnose me (sociopathic, clinically depressed) from what was going on in my brain.

I intuitively knew the pain I was experiencing was not actually coming from my brain. So the fact they were trying to heal from there was a bit perplexing.

The pain and anguish was actually coming from my soul, from my spirit.

As an atheist, the spirit is a foreign concept, at least on the surface. We are all spiritual beings regardless of religious affiliation. 

This realization came during my spiritual awakening in 2013. I won’t go into much detail (you can buy the ebook of the full story here), but basically a new consciousness emerged. Practically overnight, I intuitively became conscious of how to heal my apathy, confusion, depression, and anxiety. I spent close to 5 years healing myself through my Kundalini, meditation, intuition, intuitive gifts, lectures, spiritual teachers, life coaches, youtube videos, consciousness, crystal healing, manifesting, psychic mediums, praying, shamans, etc. I did not enlist the help of a therapist.

My soul, my spirit, was deeply sick, and regardless of how painful my awakening was, it was all worth it. Facing your trauma, your pain, your deep terrifying feelings, and relating them to spirituality, will do so much for your life.

To be fair, a therapist is NOT a spiritual awakening. They do not have the power to be that. They do have the power, however, to move more away from the brain and more into the soul. The world needs a massive soul healing overhaul. The world needs a massive unlearning. 

So next time you find yourself in front of a therapist, and it simply feels unfulfilling, I urge you to go deep within and intuitively ask yourself, what does my soul need right now? 

It just may need a spiritual teacher of some kind. 


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