Top 6 Traits of an Intuitive Empath

Top 6 Traits of an Intuitive Empath

As most of you know, I identify as an empath. An empath is someone who is highly sensitive and tends to absorb energy very deeply. 

There are different types of empaths, but an intuitive empath is it’s own breed of special. Here are 6 common traits of intuitive empaths.

  1. They tend to be righteous.

A slight injustice is just enough to put an intuitive empath over the edge. Because intuitives are so connected to the truth, they often associate what’s true to being “right.” The really wonderful thing about spirituality is that it doesn’t come in black and white. In fact, it comes in shades of gray, and technically there is no right or wrong, because everything is perspective and consciousness-based. You cannot scream at a baby to crawl when it’s consciousness level is not the same level as yours. But this strong feeling of “righteousness” is deeply rooted in being morally right- the judgment that you know is right. In reality, righteousness falls under the negative emotions/feelings category because of this root in judgement. So, in reality, righteousness is considered a low vibration. You may be asking how could this be? It seems the people who have changed the world have had a certain righteousness to them. That’s true. HOWEVER, they channeled the righteousness into one of the highest vibrations- love. And that, is how they were able to change the world. And most likely, were intuitive empaths. 

  1. They have random intuitive downloads.

Intuitive downloads are direct messages from the divine that get channeled through your intuition. They come through so loud that it’s hard to ignore. They may seem random, but there’s always a reason for it, even if that reason comes later in life. In fact, that’s usually how it goes. Downloads are able to happen to anyone really, but are most conscious to intuitive empaths, since they can properly distinguish a thought (from the ego mind) from an intuitive hit (from spirit/universe/god/divine). 

  1. They are usually extremely liberal and progressive.

Besides truth being a virtue of intuitive empaths, so is freedom. Freedom can come in many different forms including physical freedom, emotional freedom, radical freedom, mental freedom, etc. This virtue of freedom in turn translates oftentimes to highly progressive political views such as legalizing all drugs (freedom of choice of the individual). Sometimes I find intuitive empaths are even more extreme defying all government institutions (radicals- freedom from “the man” or government). 

  1. They are natural truth seekers.

Because of our knowledge to find and know truth, we are the natural truth seekers. Intuitive empaths are often drawn to documentaries, journalism, spirituality (obviously), and law.

  1. It’s painful giving advice.

Intuition means using your own god-given gifts to navigate your life and really figure out what’s best for yourself. So when they are asked by other people what they should do what their own lives, it makes intuitive empaths a bit uncomfortable. We have no business wanting to tell other people how to live their lives.

  1. They aren’t typically family oriented or caretaker archetypes.

Because of not having an interest in telling other people how to live their lives, intuitive empaths oftentimes find it difficult to fit into a family unit (especially if it is codependent). If gossip or control are in the mix, it makes it even worse. Intuitive empaths are so focused on intuition and doing what feels good, it’s oftentimes very hard to fit into any type of caretaker role. The caretaker archetype is such noble work, but it simply is too energetically draining and doesn’t fit into the mentality of individuality. Intuitive empaths value an individual’s needs as a whole, and not as a collective.

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