Overcoming Resistance

I was sitting at my cubicle today at my full-time job when my intuition came through in full-force. It said something along the lines of ‘Whatcha doing? Why are you still at this job?’ You see, your intuition CAN communicate to you, if you’re listening. In fact, when you have resistances like me, you actually DON’T want to hear it. Resistances are simply created from the ego, therefore strongly dislikes anything that comes from the heart (intuition).

I left my cubicle to get some fresh air. Outside the sun is shining and I can feel the Vitamin D on my skin. Once I felt the quick rush of happiness within myself, I contemplated not walking back into work. I quickly fantasized about turning the corner of 51st street and walking straight to the 6 uptown train.

But I didn’t. I realized I was choosing directly from my emotions in the moment and not from my commitment.  My commitment was to this job I had taken on a year and a half ago, promising to do my best. My company took good care of me, having excellent benefits, a stocked refrigerator, awesome coworkers, and an even more awesome boss. In fact, I had asked my boss for part-time to begin in a month and a half, and he granted me that. I didn’t want to screw anyone over so I walked back into the building and continued my day as best I could.

Resistance shows up in many aspects of my life. Not only did I have resistance to being at my full-time job, I also have it about quitting my full-time job. Both resistances were SUPER STRONG that day.

How will I pay my bills? How will I pay for my apartment? Money, money, money. My resistance was directly correlated with my relationship to money (living in lack) and also my inability to put fully trust the universe’s plans for me.

It’s time to break through the resistance! The first step is acknowledging that it exists (DONE). Once you’ve called it out, it’s time to identify it. Resistance is really just fear in the form of survival mechanisms. What are your survival mechanisms called? Sarcastic Sadie? Negative Nancy? Bitchy Brenda? Money-hungry Marge?

Acknowledging your resistance and the survival mechanisms that go along with it, is the first step in relinquishing them! As I mentioned, all resistance is just fear. And after all, fear isn’t real which ultimately means resistance isn’t real. See where I’m going here?

Let’s talk about the higher self at this juncture.  The higher self is your authentic self, which is made purely from love. Fear doesn’t exist in the higher self, therefore Money-hungry Marge (created from fear) is NOT your higher self. Your resistance literally does not define you.

FYI, resistance happens to everyone, but letting it define you, is a whole other story. Push pass the resistance (it’s fake anyway) and go in the direction of your wildest dreams.