My Spiritual Philosophy…..


At 27 years old, I had a massive spiritual awakening and Kundalini experience.

This caused a tremendous radical transformation for me and changed my life forever.

Long story short, I was awakened consciously to spirituality.

My spiritual philosophy is centered around “unlearning” and the recognition that we are indeed, the creators of our own life. The Universe/God/The Divine/Nature/Source Energy is within us, therefore, we know we have the ability to heal and empower ourselves!

I also believe that because of this, we are all connected by energy, and by the power of love.

To further my spiritual practice, I am a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles (ACIM). This spiritual text mainly teaches the main Universal Truth of Love Vs. Fear, as well as the practice of miracles, which is just a shift in perception from fear to love.

Love exists within us, it is not something that is external. It exists within our soul, our being, our highest selves. To access love and everything under that umbrella (love, desire, gratitude, joy, etc), we must use our gift of intuition, which is just the channel from The Universe/God/The Divine/Nature/Source Energy to our human selves.

We already have all the answers. You lack nothing. Use what The Universe/God/The Divine/Nature/Source Energy gave you. You are so powerful!

In my intuitive and spiritual healing journey, I have discovered the following 3-step process of healing:

  • EMOTIONAL FREEDOM is the ability to FEEL completely FREE in the pursuit of your dreams. It’s about feeling good every moment of your life and how to get there. Energy management is another way to put it!

  • PERSONAL TRUTH is the truth of who you TRULY are. It is YOUR higher self, the essence of the self. It’s who you really are before the world told you who to be.

  • SOUL ALIGNMENT is the FLOW or SYNCHRONICITY of your life. It’s the path you were intended to be on and feels really good and aligned while on it! It’s when your desires are being met!

My mission in life is to spread my spiritual philosophy with the world. I hope you enjoy the ride :)

Light and love always ✨✨✨

Justine Luzzi

If you’re curious to hear more about my spiritual journey and Kundalini awakening, please check out my e-book about my experience!



****If you are diagnosed with severe clinical depression and find yourself suicidal, please contact a psychological professional immediately. Here is also the number to a suicide hotline: 1-800-273-TALK [8255] Get help immediately. Things can get better. I promise. Please take appropriate action.