Becoming Conscious in life and love.


Hi! I’m Justine!

I’m an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Teacher, & Conscious Love Coach!

I help people create clarity, receive spiritual guidance, & heal themselves to create conscious, harmonious, & empowering relationships.

Intuitive Angel Reader & Healer.

Follow me on Facebook Live on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays for angel card readings and more! I also offer private readings for healing, validation, and spiritual guidance. Receive clarity around romance, career, and life in general!

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Awakening/ Empath Empowerment.

Going through a spiritual awakening in 2013 changed my life dramatically and put me on the path of unlearning, healing, and empowerment. Awakening as a sensitive soul was a powerful, yet intense experience. You don’t have to do it alone!

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Conscious Love Coach.

As empaths, we approach dating and relationships very differently than most people. We think, feel, and process things very differently. As a matchmaker/dating coach, I’ve seen awakened souls struggle with romantic relationships.

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